what we do

We are public and applied history specialists pleased to offer a wide variety of consulting services to government agencies, cultural and academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and private businesses. Passel is located in Virginia and accepts work nation-wide.

What is applied history? We believe in using history to find solutions to real-world problems, whether that’s conducting research to help a municipal client build a bike path to work-shopping preservation laws with community groups to protect endangered structures.  We provide insight and assistance anywhere historical knowledge meets the public engagement.  In our part of the world, Passel means “an assortment of things,” and we embrace this definition by offering a wide variety of flexible services.


  • cultural landscape reports
  • visitor studies and audience engagement research
  • interpretive planning for museums and historic sites
  • historical research services including document retrieval @ area repositories
  • exhibit evaluation
  • collections management and inventory assistance
  • corporate and institutional history
  • digitization projects
  • grant writing
  • national register nominations
  • continuing education, including oral history, conservation, and digital history workshops

Feel free to send us an email to hear more about our work and clients. You can send a general inquiry to hello@passelhc.com or explore the biographies on our consultants page.